Date: 12 - 16 April

Location: online

Registration: Users Meeting only

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Ex Mente hosted our first annual ThermoWeek in 2019. This was a whole week dedicated to learning more about and sharing our experiences with thermochemistry, and we are doing it again in 2021.


The purpose of the event is to strengthen the capabilities of South African industry, research, and academia to apply thermochemistry to develop new and more efficient process technologies and to make the most of our mineral wealth. Our friends from around the world are, of course, also welcome to share in the fun and learning.

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essential theory of


1 day (12 April)

Thermodynamics and thermochemistry are often daunting subjects. At the same time, they are powerful tools to help us better understand materials and processes in pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy, and aqueous chemistry.

During this course, we will review the basic concepts of thermochemistry, and equip you to use it practically, and effectively when solving problems in your day-to-day work.



basic User training

2 days (13-14 April)

This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to use the most important tools in FactSage to study materials and processes, answer questions, and solve problems.

The content covers FactSage documentation, working with data and databases, and the View Data, Reaction, Mixture, Equilib, Results, Phase Diagram, and Viscosity modules.



advanced USER training

1 Day (16 April)

In this course we dive a bit deeper into FactSage, dealing with modules that are powerful but used less often. We also present a number of case studies demonstrating how we use FactSage to solve problems.

The content covers the Predom, EpH, Compound, Solution, Figures module, Fact-XML modules for the first time, and provides more details about the Equilib and Phase diagram modules. The Compound and Solution modules will be used to demonstrate how you can create your own databases.


Users Meeting

Practical Applications

1 day (15 April)

The program detials for the Users Meeting will be communicated to the delegates as soon as it has been finalised.