WHAT IS chemapppy ?

ChemAppPy is a Python package that makes the ChemApp thermochemistry library, developed by GTT-Technologies, accessible in Python, and adds some powerful tools to make it easier and more productive to do thermochemical calculations. (Click here for more detailed information)

ChemAppPy is available in two different editions, namely Light and Development. The Light edition is provided free of charge for demonstration purposes, but has limited functionality. The Development edition provides the full functionality of ChemApp, and everything that ChemAppPy adds to it.

We have online examples to get to learn the software better and do some basic calculations with ChemAppPy.

Ex Mente develops and supports ChemAppPy. Please contact us for more information. 


latest version

If you would like to download the latest version of ChemAppPy, please fill in the download form below. Once completed, you will be redirected to a download page. Here you will find versions for both Python 3.6.5 and 3.7. 

Please have a look at the release notes in the user manual. This will quickly update you on the differences between the latest version and the older versions.

Installation instructions can be found in the Getting Started section of the manual. You can also find a summary of the instructions on our Installing ChemAppPy page.

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Third-party software


FactSage© is one of the largest fully integrated computational thermochemistry systems in the world. Users have access to calculation and manipulation modules that use FactSage©'s extensive thermochemical databases for compounds and solutions. Solutions covered by these databases include slags, silicates, solid and liquid alloys, carbides and many more.

FactSage has several hundred industrial, governmental and academic users in materials science, pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy, electrometallurgy, corrosion, glass technology, combustion, ceramics, geology, etc. It is also used internationally in graduate and undergraduate teaching and research.

The power of thermochemistry to improve insight and understanding of complex chemical systems is available through the FactSage software. It makes it possible to quickly analyse and develop a deeper understanding of processes such as ferrochrome smelting, ironmaking, steelmaking, ilmenite smelting, platinum smelting, etc.

With FactSage you can calculate equilibrium conditions for multi-phase, multi-component systems. Calculation results are displayed in clear and insightful tabular and graphical formats, most notably multi-component phase diagrams.

Ex Mente is the official representative and distributor of Factsage and other GTT Technology products in Southern Africa. Please contact us for more information, sales or training.


ChemApp allows access to the calculation power and databases of FactSage through the C++ and Fortran programming languages. This opens up new horizons for use of thermochemical calculations across a wide spectrum of applications. It offers great flexibility to design and implement FactSage calculations. It provides all the necessary tools for calculating complex multi-component, multi-phase chemical equilibria, and providing a detailed set of calculation results.

Ex Mente created ChemAppPy, which makes the power of ChemApp available in Python. Engineers and scientists who are not familiar with low-level languages like C++ and Fortran can now use the simplicity and power of Python to solve thermochemical problems.

If you are interested in ChemApp, please contact us for more information, sales, training, and custom application development.


ChemSheet combines the flexibility and practicality of spreadsheet applications with rigorous, multi-phase thermodynamic calculations.  ChemSheet brings the power of FactSage's thermochemical programs into the reach of everybody, who is familiar with Excel spreadsheets.  The inputs and outputs of the spreadsheet model are linked to the ChemApp thermodynamic programming library, while keeping users in a familiar spreadsheet environment.  Please contact us for more information, sales or training.


SimuSage is a process modelling tool that allows users to build a flow sheet and perform thermochemical calculations. The Delphi and Lazarus programming environments are used to build models and software. Please contact us for more information and sales.


The SysCAD software is a robust and versatile process plant modelling package that has its origins in 1985 as one of the engineering software products developed by Kenwalt. It helps with both daily management and operations and becomes a comprehensive source of knowledge for process plants going forward. SysCAD is used throughout the lifecycle of a project – from feasibility studies to plant design, control system design and testing, commissioning, in-plant process optimisation, planning – and as an operations tool.


SysCAD process models are company assets and provide a means for building corporate memory, thereby assisting in maintaining continuity in the event of personnel turnover. The software is mature enough to be used to model most processes with the built-in units and models, but its versatility allows for the creation of models for new and unique processes.


Both Ex Mente and KWA are passionate about empowering the next generation of engineers in the minerals industry. The SysCAD software has applications in educational institutions for both research and academia. It is well suited to facilitate teaching of process modelling and simulation, and process control. For a list of universities that use SysCAD, please click here. Academic licenses are available at reduced rates.


As SysCAD agents, we are able to assist in license acquisition, provide training, as well as general and specialist modelling services. Please contact us for more information.


OLI Studio is a platform for thermodynamic calculations for solution chemistry. It has applications in the hydrometallurgy industry.

OLI Stream Analyzer™

The Stream Analyzer is OLI's simplest and clearest access to the electrolyte thermodynamic framework.  The software features single point equilibrium calculations, multiple point survey calculations for trend analysis for temperature, pressure, pH and composition effects, and simple mix and separate capability.  The calculations provide vapour, liquid, solid, and 2nd liquid phase separations for a fully speciated model. Properties such as pH, ORP, viscosity, density, enthalpy, as well as compositions are reported.

OLI ScaleChem™

ScaleChem is simulation software that calculates scaling problems during oil and gas production.  Calculation scenarios include mineral scale prediction, fluid mixing, reservoir saturation (with cementing minerals), evaporation during glycol regeneration, and modelling of gathering and disposal facilities. 

Corrosion Analyzer™

The Corrosion Analyzer allows you to investigate and determine the causes of corrosion before they happen, allowing preventive actions to be evaluated and implemented. This includes choosing correct operating conditions and corrosion resistant materials.

It allows you to understand the mechanism and key species responsible for your corrosion, determine the optimum pH, concentrations and EH regions, and screen materials to reduce lab costs. 


Please contact us for more information, sales or training.

flex pde.png

The Original Unlimited Scripted Multi-Physics Finite Element Solution Environment for Partial Differential Equations is now more powerful than ever.  Whether your 1D, 2D or 3D Multi-Physics PDE problem is HeatFlow, Electromagnetics, Stress Analysis, Chemcial Reactions, Diffusion and more.  One Software Tool takes you from Mathematical Model to Numerical Solution to Graphical Display.

From stress analysis to chemical reaction kinetics to stock option pricing, mathematical modeling of real world systems is dominated by partial differential equations. FlexPDE addresses the mathematical basis of all these fields by treating the equations rather than the application.

MSI Eureka

MSI Eureka is the world's leading interactive database for high-quality, evaluated phase diagrams and related constitutional data.


MSI Eureka is a one-stop platform that offers everything related to materials constitution: from exhaustive bibliography to high-quality evaluated phase diagrams.
Materials constitution describes phase relations, crystal structures, thermodynamics ... and more in a material system.


The bibliographic database covers practically all relevant publications from 1830 up to the present, providing a valuable and constantly growing information source.


Please contact us for more information