Ex Mente rapidly starts adding value to clients’ operations, by applying our process engineering experience and expertise.  EMPROBE is a thorough investigation of the facility that addresses process, infrastructure and operational aspects. We deliver detailed process and plant data, information and in-depth knowledge. This information adds value to the process and can also be used as an input into modelling, simulation, control, and design projects.


Process modelling and simulation is at the heart of what we do. We combine chemistry, mathematics and software to develop computer-based models that we can use to study metallurgical processes to gain improved understanding. The insight that we derive from modelling and simulation is what enables us to move process performance forward.

Ex Mente specialises in the development of computational process models to mimic the behaviour of an existing or conceptual process. Models can be used effectively during feasibility studies, process design, plant optimisation, economic evaluation of projects and control system design. Ex Mente can provide our clients with a customised thermochemical model of their unique process. EMSIM is a platform for our clients to have access to manipulate process parameters and view results through a web browser.


Training is a key step in the implementation of any new technology solution. This is important to close the gap between process documentation and the actual operational process. Personnel need to understand how their tasks affect the bigger processes to enable them to make correct judgements when dealing with non-standard situations. EMEQUIP is a training service that provides the necessary information to allow personnel to apply theoretical concepts in practice.


An additional benefit of good documentation and training is improved continuity. Easy access to system documentation allows for existing personnel to quickly refresh their knowledge on how to use the system and assists in the development of new personnel.