KDE Dolphin Subversion and Git integration

Are you a KDE Dolphin user busy asking yourself: Wouldn't it be nice if I could run Subversion or Git commands directly from the context menu? Look no further, you most definitely can.

The Dolphin Git and Subversion plug-ins are not activated by default. Adding it only takes a few easy steps.

Step 1: Install the dolphin plug-ins:

Run the following from the command line

Step 2: Activate the Dolphin Git and Subversion plugins:

Select "Configure Dolphin..." from the "≡ Control" menu. Navigate to the "⚑ Services" tab and ensure that the Git and Subversion services have been selected. Click "✓ OK".

Step 3: Close and re-open Dolphin.

You will notice the following changes to the Dolphin user interface:

  1. The context menu will contain the applicable Git or Subversion commands when it detects that you are inside of a local repository.

  2. Useful information about the status of the files and folders is overlayed. This will enable you to easily gauge the status of an entire repository without the need for the command line.

Have fun!

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