ChemAppPy version 1.3.0 release

Dear ChemAppPy users

It is with great excitement that Ex Mente announces the official release of ChemAppPy version 1.3.0 for Windows and Linux. The Light version of ChemAppPy is freely available for download here. For more information on ChemAppPy Development (the commercial version of ChemAppPy) please email us at

Release notes


We have decided to change the package structure. This will only have an impact on the import statements in your code. The distinction between the Light and Development versions is now made on the package level. 

Here are some example import statements when using the Light version:

Here are some example import statements when using the Development version:

tools module

The error that occurred when connecting more than one callback to a StreamCalculator event has been resolved.

The font size and grid line settings for the distribution plots can now be modified when instantiating a DistributionPlotter object.

core module

The file_path argument in the function can now accept either a str or a Path object.

You can send any comments or questions you might have to

We look forward to your feedback! 

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