openSim Symposium 2020

After a successful 2019 symposium, we are ready for 2020. It will be our 6th symposium and will be held on 6 November 2020, either online or at a venue in Pretoria.

Symposium Theme: Love open source

In 2012 when the first openSim was held, Microsoft's view that 'Open source is cancer that threatened intellectual property' was still fresh in our minds. The world has, however, changed and today they proudly state that 'Microsoft loves open source'. Microsoft is not alone, even consulting companies such as McKinsey are proudly touting their new open-source library Kedro. Although the sentiment around open source has drastically changed, there are still challenges that we as a community are grappling with.

OpenSim was created as a platform for engineers, scientists and researchers interested in open-source computational mechanics software to connect. We would like to invite you to come and share your experience with open-source computational mechanics software.

The community will love to hear your views on any of these:

  • What open source tools you are you using, what do/don't you like about them;

  • A new open-source tool that you recently discovered and think everyone should know about;

  • How open-source has benefited you or your organisation;

  • What is the cost associated with free open source software; or

  • Your experience contributing to an open-source project or releasing your own.

We are excited to hear your thoughts, ideas, and opinions, and to see your vision moving forward.

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