We are a metallurgical engineering consulting and technology company focused on pyrometallurgy. We strive to improve our industry by the intelligent application of science and technology to ensure its long-term sustainability. Through this, we plan to improve the lives of people involved with and affected by the industry. We like solving difficult problems and coming up with innovative solutions.


We provide consulting and training services to solve challenging problems related to pyrometallurgical processes such as electric arc furnaces, smelting furnaces, converters, and rotary kilns. Our tools include thermochemistry, mass and energy balances, process modelling, heat transfer, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and stress and strain in refractory linings. 


We use a variety of software packages, such as FactSage, ChemAppPy, OLI Studio, SysCAD, OpenFOAM, and Python in our work. We build software tools and integrate these into our clients' plants to make metallurgical intelligence continuously available to their operations. We also assist in process design and equipment design.

We represent a number of international partners in Southern Africa to sell their specialised modelling software products, thereby helping our clients to improve their operations.

We often use the computational thermochemistry products of GTT Technologies and OLI Systems ourselves, as well as SysCAD from Kenwalt Systems for process flowsheet modelling.



Tel: +27 83 408 2267

Email: info@ex-mente.co.za

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